3 things you do not know about chocolate
November 24, 2017 - Around the Chocolate

In tablet, marshmallow, papillote, milk, black or praline, chocolate is in all its forms! Enjoy more chocolate with these 5 chocolate anecdotes prepared by us.

The Most Delicious Medicine

In addition to feasting us, chocolate would have pharmaceutical virtues. His story proves it, the chocolate called “theobroma cacao” by the Mayans and the Aztecs was used as medicine, healing cream and drink to cure the liver, lungs and digestion. Today, its therapeutic virtues are confirmed by new analyzes that have proven that its chemical composition helps the body to protect itself from diseases.

Considered a true source of minerals and vitamins, chocolate gives us the peach and the smile, even after finishing the latest tablet hidden in the closet!

The Chocolate Could Disappear

Due to global warming, the cocoa trees of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire may not survive until 2050. Fear nothing, thanks to the program of fight against the intensive cultivation of cocoa Transparence Cocoa, we work in the valorization of the chocolate industry.

Phew! Thanks to our mastery of the overall quality of cocoa, we hope to enjoy you again for many years while offering the best conditions for developing the cocoa sector in the world.

More Than 600 Aromatic Compounds


Chocolate is a complex dish, more than wine for that matter! With its 600 aromatic compounds against 200 for wine, chocolate is a concentrate of aromas and flavors that has not finished surprising us. If you prefer black slightly bitter, you will find flavors also present in red wine. The sweeter chocolates have molecules that are also found in some wines, beers and other beverages.

For lovers of champagne, accompany your cup with a bar of dark chocolate Grands Crus.


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